Skin sparing mastectomy


Sientra is the 3rd implant manufacturer to be approved by the FDA.  It is the USA based intellectual property of Silimed, a Brazilian company and produces silicone gel implants and tissue expanders for breast cancer reconstruction. Its most compelling offering is a dual chamber tissue expander, which truly compliments skin sparing mastectomy reconstruction because its anterior chamber' projection really takes up the lower pole skin, thereby preserving it.  Not only is the mastectomy flap integrity supported but the post-op tissue expansion schedule can be "fast tracked".  Patients are well served by a) the provision of an attractive anatomical "breast equivalent", which can be configured to their frame, including women whose BMI is higher; b) elimination of multiple tissue expansion as most of the fill can be done, intraop; c) decreasing time for drainage, as the "deadspace" between the mastectomy flap and ADM is obliterated by the greater expansion. Interestingly this innovation may very well herald a new era of breast reconstruction and shaped silicone gel implants.  

Article by
Orange County Plastic Surgeon