The right size matters.


The right size matters…..

As has been recently reported in news articles, many celebrities who decided to “go big or go home” are regretting that decision and are now downsizing their implants. Long ago we recognized that not every patient wants to be busty, and that many indeed are actually most worried about ending up with a breast size that they find to be too large.

Although a fair number of our patients are women looking for a round, full look, we also see a larger number of professional women, church-goers, etc. who absolutely must avoid the overdone look. In addition, we see patients on a weekly basis who’ve had implants placed elsewhere and their surgeon selected their implant for them, but made them way too big for the patient’s tastes. Sometimes these patients are even within the first year of their surgery.

One problem we see from going too large is that not only can women run into issues of poor proportion, interference with exercise, and the look of someone who’s obviously had surgery, but the soft tissues of the breast can suffer and create more problems down the road when the implant size is excessive.  For those women not blessed with sufficient breast volume to have a large enough breast size to achieve a feminine silhouette, then increasing their breast size is an advantageous endeavor.  Ultimately, finding that perfect size, the right size for that patient and her goals, is a tremendous accomplishment.  

In the office of a trusted and caring plastic surgeon, you can expect a truly collaborative experience with a staff that has your best interests at heart. If you’re having a change of mind, or want to start out with a surgeon who knows how to begin at the best place, follow the lead of Heidi Montag, Sharon Osbourne, Victoria Beckham, Heather Morris, Tara Reid, Kimberly Stewart and Courtney Love and consider that "the right size matters".
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