How many sessions of sclerotherapy are needed after vein stripping?


It is common for patients to present to us after having had vein stripping procedures years ago. They question why they developed varicose veins, reticular veins and spider veins after going through something as painful as vein stripping. 

There are no limits as to how many sessions of sclerotherapy are done because they are superficial veins. This acronym for this condition is REVAS, or Recurrent Varices after Surgery. It is the presence of varicose veins in the limbs in a previously operated patient. This includes true recurrent veins, residual veins (veins left behind from initial operation), and varicose vein progression because of disease progression. As long as the vein specialist has treated underlying causes of venous insufficiency, additional sclerotherapy will only help curb progression of disease.

Always choose an ABVLM-certified vein specialist.

Hratch L Karamanoukian MD FACS RVT RPVI RPhS
Article by
Buffalo Phlebologist