Sculpsure- Fat Reduction


Sculpsure is a truly amazing technological breakthrough in fat reduction.  It is a 25 minute non-surgical office procedure with minimal to no discomfort and no downtime.  It uses a diode laser with contact cooling to reduce treated fat by up to 24% for each treatment.  Over the years I have seen alot of technology come and go.  Many devices have claimed no pain, no downtime, and unbelieveable results.  In many cases the claims don't live up to the reality.  In the case of Sculpsure, I think the claims are spot on.  We have not had a single patient complain of any significant pain.  Most feel a comfortable alternating mild warm and cool sensation.  It does actually take 25 minutes per area.  You can literally get up from the treatment table and go to the gym- there are no post treatment restrictions.  Results are visible within 6 weeks and optimal at 12 weeks. As with any cosmetic procedure the results are a bit variable.  Most patients report losing 1-3 inches with one treatment and more with two treatments.  That's pretty impressive for such a quick, non-surgical, no downtime procedure.  The cost at this point averages about $1500 per treatment, per area.  But it is likely that this will increase as word gets around and demand goes up.  Sculpsure is not a "weight loss" machine.  It is usually not appropriate for people who are significantly obese.  It will not significantly tighten skin so it is not indicated in patients with an excess in both skin and fat. It is important to have a cosmetic body contouring expert (a Board Cerftified Plastic Surgeon) determin if you are a good candidate for Sculpsure.  As of January 4, 2016 Sculpsure received a 100% thumbs up rating on RealSelf. 
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