Rhinoplasty - The Science of Great Results



When consulting with a plastic surgeon who is well-versed in the intricacies of assessing the factors that lead to a favorable nose job outcome, you will likely be amazed at all that is considered.

A well done, natural-looking rhinoplasty is not just about the size and shape of your nose. The type and quality of your skin must also be considered as it impacts how your nose will heal after rhinoplasty. Your nasal cartilage, and its inherent strength or weakness, also affects your final nose job results and how well the newly constructed nasal form is supported.

For example, you may not have known that men generally have thicker nasal skin than women. Oily skin is also usually associated with thicker skin type. For patients with thicker skin, your facial plastic surgeon is presented with a more challenging case because thicker skin tends to not drape as easily and consistently once a nasal hump is removed or a wide tip narrowed.

Your nose is central to the overall balance of your facial features, particularly how it relates to the appearance of your chin. As such, evaluating the harmony between the size and projection of both the nose and the chin is also an important consideration when determining the best way to refine your particular nose.

If your surgeon is a well-experienced and highly-trained rhinoplasty specialist, like Dr. Macdonald, he or she will have skilled techniques to deal with these and other challenges often posed in the course of nasal surgery. Still, it is important that your plastic surgeon openly discuss these factors with you and take the time to educate you so that you can jointly make decisions in crafting a suitable surgical plan well in advance of your nasal surgery.

When choosing a facial plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty, be sure to find one that understands it's about you...thoroughly educating you as to:

  •    the full range of cosmetic surgery alternatives,
  •    your comfort in your decision and your care,
  •    your style preferences informed by the surgeon's experience.

The patient shown here is one of Dr. Macdonald's many happy rhinoplasty patients who recently told us "It has been almost two years since my rhinoplasty, and I couldn't be happier with my nose. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job, Dr. Macdonald!"

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