Rhinoplasty Surgery


Rhinoplasty procedures have gained immense popularity in recent years, ranking in as the third most popular plastic surgery procedure of 2015. The nose greatly affects the appearance and symmetry of the face and can lead to a world of difference if altered. If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your nose or experience breathing or sinus problems because of it, known as a deviated septum, then a rhinoplasty procedure may be right for you. While you look into  rhinoplasty surgery options here are some things to know.

A Nose To Fit Your Face

A rhinoplasty procedure allows you to have the nose of your choosing, but you also have to keep in mind that not all noses fit all faces. Your face shape, the size and proportion of your features, and even the thickness of your skin all affect what kind of nose you can have. Your rhinoplasty surgery consultation will be a discussion about what kind of nose would both achieve your goals and best fit your face. This consultation includes creating your new look on a computer first to see what you will look like after the procedure. This method allows us to digitally shape and alter your nose so you can see the result before making it permanent.


As with most surgical procedures you should expect a certain amount of recovery time. The swelling and bruising that result from the surgery should subside within a few weeks but you may experience intermittent swelling for a year after, especially in the morning. For the year after your rhinoplasty your nose will also be making small changes as it settles into its permanent state.

Find Your Surgeon

Getting started and finding a plastic surgeon you trust can be the hardest part of the process. It’s so important that the person and institution you choose have experience and evidence of success in whatever it is they’re doing. 

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