Rhinoplasty Basics


For many men and women, improving the appearance and natural balance of the face often requires a rhinoplasty or nose job procedure. It is an outpatient procedure that can alter the size and shape of your nose, providing aesthetic harmony to your facial features. A rhinoplasty procedure works by  manipulating the cartilage of the nasal structure in order to achieve the desired aesthetic results. It is a highly personalised procedure, and the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery utilizes computer imaging to show patients a realistic representation of what to expect from their surgery.


There are generally two ways of approaching the procedure. In a closed procedure, incisions are made inside the nasal passages. This is most appropriate for minor changes. In an open procedure, an incision is made along the narrow strip between the nostrils, also called the columella. This allows skin and soft tissue to be raised so that your surgeon has full access to the nasal structures. Cartilage can be removed or added to create contours that best suit your aesthetic goals. Dr. Parker also performs a “tiplasty”, a procedure that focuses only on the tip of the patient’s nose.

Rhinoplasty procedures last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, and patients are typically discharged an hour after their surgery. Patients can expect to resume normal activities seven to ten days following their surgery.



Article by
Paramus Plastic Surgeon