What is Restylane?


There are many anti-aging products and fillers available nowadays. From Botox to Juvederm, there are several options to fulfill your needs. One of these products is Restylane. This treatment comes in three forms: Restylane, Restylane Lyft, and Restylane Silk, all of which provide different benefits to our patients. At a consultation, experts can discuss which is the best treatment for your needs.

The Original

The original Restylane is meant to help with wrinkles and folds on your face. The specific area it targets is the lower half of your face, such as laugh lines, the corners of your mouth, and lines underneath the corners of your mouth. The actual product is a clear gel that acts like the hyaluronic acid your body naturally produces. As one ages, it becomes more difficult for your body to create the acid, which can lead to a loss of volume in your face, as well as wrinkles. With this option, you can restore fullness to correct wrinkles and folds on your face.

“Lyft” with Our Experts

Though Restylane Lyft can also be used for laugh lines, it is mainly used for the cheeks and contour deficiencies in the middle of one’s face. Your cheeks become less full as you age, leading to sagging skin and more wrinkles. Just like the original, it is a hyaluronic acid gel, but it is meant for the mid-face.

Get Luscious Lips

Often, people can be self-conscious about having thinner lips. Fortunately, a solution is here with Restylane Silk! It is the first FDA-approved product meant for lip augmentation. Whether you have always had thin lips or have experienced a loss of shape because of aging, this option is able to improve the shape while reducing the wrinkles around your lips.

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