Restore your Hair and your Confidence with NeoGraft


Do you find yourself looking at your reflection and wondering what happened to your hairline? Or your eyebrows? NeoGraft is the game-changing technology in hair restoration. NeoGraft is far superior to previous methods of hair restoration, such as the strip method.

There are so many distinct advantages to NeoGraft, but here are just a few:

NeoGraft is great for both men and women.

There’s no scar after the NeoGraft procedure. Instead of using a scalpel which creates a large linear scar, NeoGraft uses an air-pressure/suction-based system on the follicles. No more scar on the back of the head from ear to ear!

Patients are able to return to work or other activities very quickly as there is minimal downtime with NeoGraft. Without a large incision, the healing time is greatly reduced.

Last but not least, it’s your hair! NeoGraft uses your own hair to give you a natural result. You can comb it, gel it, you can even do a Donald Trump comb over if you want!
Article by
Plainfield Dermatologist