Remedies for Sinus Pressure and Pain


Why do you get Pressure and Pain in your Sinuses?

Sinus pressure and pain are commonly caused by a few factors. Having a cold, seasonal allergies or other environmental allergens are common causes for disrupting your sinuses. When one or more of these symptoms are present, it can cause your sinuses to become swollen and therefore block the passageways. When the passageways become blocked, fluids begin to build up in your sinus cavities. If these fluids are not constantly draining, it can cause you to start feeling pressure and/or pain in your sinuses because of this excess fluid. You have a total of eight sinuses that are in pairs and are located in the forehead, behind the cheekbones, behind your eyes and within the bones between your eyes. There are some home remedies available to help bring you some instant relief when the sinus pressure and pain is unbearable.

Remedies to relieve Sinus Pressure and Pain

Sinus pressure and pain can be very uncomfortable and intolerable, so let us discuss some home remedies to help bring some relief to your sinuses. Here is a guide on various methods to help sinus pressure and pain:

  • 1. Use a Humidifier or vaporizer – Both of these devices are designed to bring moisture into the air and eliminate a dry air environment. This will promote your sinuses to become less irritated.
  • 2. Take long and hot showers – The steam from showers can help put moisture directly into the nasal passageway and help release some of the sinus pressure. 
  • 3. Hydrate with water – Drinking lots of fluids will help thin out the mucus that has built up in your sinuses and help to flush them out of your body.  
  • 4. Drink Hot Beverages – Hot beverages like tea will moisten the mucus and act as a decongestant. Tea usually contains herbs and elements such as chamomile to decongest the build up of excess mucus in your body.
  • 5. Use a Nasal Irrigation Device – Devices such as Neti-pots or nasal rinse have been proven to help bring instant relief to your sinuses. Nasal Irrigation Devices are commonly used with saltwater to help flush all the excess mucus out immediately bringing relief.
  • 6. Keep your head elevated – Resting and sleeping in an elevated position can help promote your excess mucus to flow out of your nasal passageways. It will also allow you to breathe better.
  • 7. Use a warm Compress – Applying a warm compress to your face as you lay down with help alleviate some sinus pressure.
  • 8. Nasal Sprays – These sprays are designed to decrease the swelling within your sinuses and help relieve congestion. There are only to be used for a short term.
  • 9. Decongestants and over-the-counter medications – Finally, this medication can be bought at any local pharmacy and help to temporarily relieve symptoms such as sinus pressure and pain. 

Speak to your Doctor

The home remedies listed in this article are designed to help bring some temporary relief to your sinus pressure and pain. Please keep in mind that these are not permanent solutions to your symptoms. If theses symptoms happen on a frequent basis or these remedies did not help, seek medical attention. In some cases further treatment is required from a doctor or specialist. Some people require sinus surgery as a permanent solution to their sinus problems. Speak to a doctor in order to be properly diagnosed and to go over all the options that are available to treat your sinus problems.

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