Recovery Time and Having Multiple Procedures


     Hi there everybody! I wanted to take a moment or two to address a very common question that most patients have..."how long will my recovery be, and does it depend on how many facial procedures I have performed on that day?"
     Recovery time certainly varies based on the patient and the type of procedure(s) selected. Small/minor procedures, such as an upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid lift) or chin augmentation can have a downtime of just 2-3 days. Other procedures can have downtime of 5-10 days. Most surprisingly, having multiple procedures on the same day does NOT necessarily increase your overall downtime.
     Good preparation for your procedure certainly can help shorten your recovery time (ie not taking any blood thinning medications/supplements the week before your procedure, and making sure your blood pressure is normal and/or controlled with medications). Taking care of yourself after your procedure is just as important, so that you do not have any unnecessary setbacks. The best practices will hold your hand for the entire journey and make sure you are doing everything possible to heal up as fast as possible.
     Patients who work at a desk job can typically return to work faster than those who perform heavy manual labor or are in the public eye. Patients who work at a desk can sometimes be back at work as early as 3 days after their procedure(s)!
     As we do at our Center, many practices are happy to provide you with a confidential doctor's note to let your employer know that you are being cared for and under treatment by a physician. If offered, do let them know if you will require this documentation, and most will be glad to provide it to you upon request.
     At the end of the day, many practices dedicated exclusively to the face and neck have really refined the delivery and efficiency of providing amazing procedures coupled with optimal recovery time. This allows clients to get back into life and enjoy their refreshed look as soon as possible.
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