6 Reasons Water-Assisted Liposuction Is Better


Part of being human means that we all get to deal with pockets of stubborn fat on our bodies at one time or another. While natural weight loss is best, there comes a point where diet and exercise just won't cut it. Liposuction can be a great alternative to solving our stubborn fat woes, but traditional liposuction has its limitations for how effective it can be.
If you're interested in tightening up that body and are looking for a new liposuction alternative that is safe, gentle and precise, look no further. Here are the top reasons why AquaShape™ water-assisted liposuction can mean the best possible liposuction results:
1. Use of Local Anesthesia The benefits of water-assisted liposuction [/url] are numerous enough to make you rethink the way you consider lipo. Unlike traditional liposuction that “puts you under,” water-based lipo only uses local anesthesia to numb the spot where the procedure will take place. This is generally the sign of a less invasive procedure, and also means less complication, a shorter recovery and less risk of side effects.
2. More Precise Sculpting Ability While a normal liposuction procedure sucks the fat out of your body after loosening the fat cells with saline solution, this approach doesn't allow for as much precision as water-assisted liposuction does. With the use of a finely-controlled water spray, your surgeon can sculpt fat away more carefully with results that look elegant and natural.
3. Quicker Recovery Time Although both traditional and water-assisted lipo use pretty tiny incisions, recovery is much faster with the latter. Why? Because traditional lipo relies on physical force to break the fatty deposits apart before removal, while AquaShape™ uses water pressure instead. The gentle nature of water separation results in less damage to the surrounding tissues, so you can get back to real life sooner.
4. Less Bruising and Swelling The trauma to the surrounding cells caused by traditional liposuction can mean large amounts of bruising and swelling, but this isn't the case with water-assisted liposuction. While there may be some swelling right around the incision sites, the powerful water jets is far less traumatizing to the treatment area. Unlike traditional lipo, bruising and swelling are minimal after AquaShape™ lipo.
5. Visible Results Fast Related to the decreased recovery time and lack of bruising, water-based lipo delivers results that are seen much more quickly than those from regular liposuction. With less time spent in a compression garment and covering up your bruises with your clothes, you'll be ready to show off your newly contoured results in no time.
6. Superior Outcome Water-assisted liposuction provides numerous advantages over the traditional methods. It doesn't heat cells or burn tissue like popular laser-based liposuction does, and is far gentler and more precise than tumescent lipo. The results are even gentle and precise enough that the consistency of your removed fat is maintained, allowing your surgeon to put it to good use in the form of fat grafting surgery to rejuvenate your hands or face.
While not every surgeon offers AquaShape™ water-assisted liposuction [/url], it remains a superior alternative for patients who want the best possible results from their body contouring. Remember, though, that your new look is just as dependent on your choice of surgeon as it is on the liposuction method used, so be sure to do your research and find a board-certified plastic surgeon who is known as a body contouring specialist.
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