How to Ask Your RealSelf Revision Rhinoplasty Question


It is common to turn to the internet and forums such as RealSelf for answers to our most pressing issues. If you have undergone one or more rhinoplasty procedures and are seeking guidance on your next steps, consider the following tips to help you get the most from the RealSelf community.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to assessing facial aesthetics. Although you feel that a certain facial characteristic is unattractive or out of balance, others may have a completely different perception. Therefore, it is critical to include a description of what you were initially trying to achieve with rhinoplasty in your RealSelf question. For example:

“My first rhinoplasty procedure was meant to address the bump on my nose” 

This simple sentence helps orient the surgeons assessing your question so they can formulate answers with your perception in mind.


Not surprisingly, rhinoplasty results are best communicated in images. However, a few snaps from your phone may not produce sufficient images to elicit actionable RealSelf answers.  Follow these guidelines when creating your revision rhinoplasty images:

  1. Use a plain background such as a blank wall to keep the focus on you, not your surroundings.

  2. Include your entire face so that surgeons may assess your nose relative to your face.

  3. Take all images from the same distance and in the same lighting.

  4. Include before images if available.

  5. Include images from three angles:

  • Head On: facing directly toward the camera

  • Oblique: rotate away from the camera slightly, capturing a 45 degree profile image

  • Profile: turn so that your ear faces the camera, capturing a traditional 90 degree profile image

I hope these tips help you get closer to the revision rhinoplasty answers you seek!

All the best,

Doc Ric

Article by
Connecticut Plastic Surgeon