Are You Ready For The Beach?


When it gets into June, you may find yourself thinking, why haven’t I been preparing to wear my swimsuit? May is always a busy month for people, and it can be hard to remember to fit in a workout, especially when delicious barbecues are calling our name! 

UltraShape Fat Reduction

How can you look great in a bathing suit when it is already June? Wouldn’t there be recovery time for procedures such as a tummy tuck or liposuction? Well, with UltraShape fat reduction, you can be ready for the beach without recovery time! This revolutionary treatment disrupts your fat cells through ultrasonic technology. Technicians can target specific problem areas of fat, especially those pockets that are extremely difficult to see reduced, even with a great diet and exercise regime.

This amazing treatment is perfect for any male or female looking to see their excess fat disappear.

Article by
Chicago Plastic Surgeon