Questions to ask before your Hair Transplant Surgery in Istanbul


Now you are in Turkey and will have pre-consultation with your doctor.
Please do not forget to ask him/her these questions.

Questions about your hair transplant doctor?
1-What’s your branch of medicine?
2-Are you licensed in Istanbul to perform my hair transplant surgery?
3-Which part of the surgery will you attend, supervise or perform?

Questions about your hair transplant session?
1-How many hours will my hair transplant surgery take and which technique should be used for my surgery?
2-How many grafts and in which areas will be inserted ?
3-What is the overall density per cm2 of my hair transplant surgery?
4-Will you shave my head before the hair transplant surgery?
5-What type of anesthesia will you use?
6-How many assistance will attend my hair transplant surgery?

Questions about recovery after your hair transplant surgery?
1-What kind of medications should I use after my hair transplantation surgery?
2-Should I use any medication as side treatment for my hair?
3-How long will it take for the physical recovery?
4-How should I treat my hair in the next a few days?
5-What is the risk of loosing my transplanted hair during the recovery?

Questions about your hair transplantation results?
1-When will I get a final result after my hair transplant surgery?
2-Do I need a second surgery or single session is enough for the desired result?
3-If I am not satisfied with the result. What are my options?
4-Should I come for a control later on?

Please remember that extraction of hair follicles in FUE surgery should be performed by a physician licensed by Turkish Health Authorities by law.
Article by
Turkey Plastic Surgeon