What exactly is PRP? PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, and it is one of The Lifestyle Center’s favorite beautifying and wrink


Are you dying to get that younger, rejuvenated look back in your face? Do you want to make a change to your currently ghastly looks? Making it happen doesn’t have to be a long, scary process, especially when you choose the Vampire Facial!

The Vampire Facial is an effective, convenient, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation technique that has helped countless women look as young as they feel. You might remember hearing about it in the news recently when Kim Kardashian underwent this treatment on her face this year. Using the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to increase blood flow and activate the growth of new, healthy skin cells, this quick treatment will result in glowing, youthful skin that shaves off years from your face.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Here’s how it works:

We will begin by collecting a small sample of your blood through a very simple, painless blood draw. The blood is then processed into PRP by spinning it down and isolating the plasma, which is rich in platelets. Platelets contain the growth factors that help promote healing in injured tissue. This process takes less than 15 minutes. While you wait, we will apply a special topical numbing cream to your face to make you comfortable during the procedure. Next, the PRP is applied to your skin as a painless SkinPen procedure is performed. Finally, a component of the blood that was spun down called PPP – platelet poor plasma – is applied to your skin, sealing the skin. It’s as easy as that!

So why should you choose the Vampire Facial?

*You can experience the many benefits of the SkinPen including stimulation to improve texture, the reduction of wrinkles and scarring, improvement of sun damage and uneven skin tones, skin tightening, and shrinking pore size.

*The addition of the PRP adds growth factors into the skin to amplify your results.

*It has helped so many women get the skin they want without any severe side effects or complications.

*This procedure provides lasting effects that you will notice within only a few short weeks with long-lasting benefits!

Article by
Saint Louis Physician