PRP and Acell as non-surgical options for initial stages of hairloss


There are many different non surgical options that are available at initial stages of hair loss for both men and women. One of these options include stem cell regeneration using PRP or the Plasma Rich Platelet and Acell injections. In some cases, it can be effective and regrow hair in the areas of balding.

Over the past decade, researchers began to understand the central role played by stem cells in hair follicle cycling. Every hair follicle contains a permanent reservoir of multi potent stem cells that have capacity to participate in growth, development and repair of tissues. The eventual understanding of this process of stem cell replenishment may contribute to molecular level treatments to revive hair follicles that have stopped producing mature hair. These treatments need to be continued until the condition turns it self off, which may take months to years.

One of the popular options  for hair loss that has gained popularity is cell regeneration using PRP and Acell injections.  These injections are usually used mostly among women, and younger clients suffering from hair loss.  PRP  and Acell regeneration are considered a nonsurgical hair loss treatment options that are used either in combination with hair transplant, or other hair care medical treatments in some cases.

PRP is a concentration derived from clients' own blood. It has growth factors that stimulate hair growth when injected into the scalp. Once in the scalp, PRP growth factors begin to degrade quickly so any benefit to thinning hair will be short lived and usually minimal. Therefore, this requires continuous treatments of the PRP injections . As a rule at Meshkin Medical hair restoration and hair transplant centers, PRP and Acell injections are recommended to be repeated 2-3 times a year to maintain any benefit.  Dr. Meshkin recommends that for increased benefit PRP be combined with ACell injections at the time of each treatment.

These non surgical hair loss treatment options combined with the latest modern hair transplant surgery such as FUE hair transplant, FUT Trichophytic hair transplant and Ultra Refined hair restoration techniques result in the best comprehensive hair restoration treatment options that both replace the lost hair and slow down the hair loss in the native hair.

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