The Many Uses Of PRP


What exactly is PRP? PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma.  The uses for PRP are vast; not only can patients achieve a more youthful and natural look, but PRP can also heal sports injuries, arthritis, bone grating, and much more.

Why is platelet-rich plasma therapy so effective? PRP is packed with healing and growth factors; platelets initiate repair and attract the assistance of cells to boost the healing process. When conducting this specific type of therapy, risk of a transmissible infection is non-existent as well!

PRP is a wrinkle-fighting tool that provides long lasting effects for our patients to admire for years to come. When combined with a Vampire Facelift procedure, most patients will begin to notice an improvement in the texture, coloration, and volume of their skin right away. Almost anyone in good health is an ideal candidate for PRP and the variety of treatments it can yield. 

Because PRP can be used for almost anything, we also offer an effective hair restoration treatment with the healing power of PRP. For decades, doctors and medical professionals have been using platelet-rich plasma therapy to speed up the healing cycle. Today, we offer this treatment to help expedite your hair regrowth!

This new and effective treatment is extremely convenient and takes roughly about an hour with no downtime at all! A vast majority of hair restoration patients find that they see results in as short as two months.

Article by
Saint Louis Physician