Pill for Gray Hair


For years the French company L'Oreal, has been working on a pill which can reputedly prevent hair from graying. The pill, derived from a fruit extract, takes the place of tyrosinase related protein-2, which is the enzyme that ensures the production of hair pigment. As we age, TRP-2 diminishes. By replacing our missing TRP-2 with this fruit enzyme, it is hoped that the pigment apparatus is protected from oxidative stress.

Patients would take this pill daily BEFORE their hair shows signs of graying. This would be a lifetime commitment  since this pill does not reverse graying ( unlike Gleevac, a potent anti-cancer drug which has been noted to perform this feat on occasion). 

L'Oreal is hoping to market this product by 2015. Too late for me many of my contemporaries, but a potential boon for those who, whether they like or not, would otherwise be doomed to eventual gray and white hair.

Article by
Virginia Beach Dermatologist