What Part Does Lipo Play in a Mommy Makeover?


One of the best aspects of a mommy makeover is that it's completely customizable and can include a number of procedures to address your unique problem areas and concerns. Whether you want to improve your breasts, stomach or thighs (or all of the above), here are some surprising ways liposuction can be incorporated into your mommy makeover to take your results to a whole new level.

Fine-Tune Your Tummy Tuck

Obviously, the stomach endures the biggest changes during pregnancy and is often left with a stretched or loose appearance after the baby is born. Tummy tucks are a wonderful option for moms because the stomach skin is tightened to restore the tummy to its pre-baby glory, along with repairing any separation in the underlying muscles. By including liposuction with your tummy tuck, your surgeon can further smooth and contour your abdomen by removing excess fat from the upper abdomen and the flanks. This comprehensive approach to slimming and shaping your waistline leads to superior results than a tummy tuck alone can deliver.

Get Back Your Pre-Baby Breasts

New moms are often frustrated by deflated breasts that have lost that pre-baby fullness and firmness. If you're hoping to restore lost volume, breast implants can offer a winning solution. By including liposuction around the breast area, you can eliminate embarrassing “bra bulge” to set off your new figure even better, plus improve the transition area from arm to breast.

Sculpt a Multitude of Problem Areas

The benefits of lipo can be enjoyed beyond the breasts and stomach. Talk to your surgeon about how lipo can slim down your thighs, arms or even your double chin. Remember, your mommy makeover is an opportunity to improve any area that keeps you from feeling as beautiful, sexy and confident as you deserve. 
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