How to Painlessly Pull Out A Loose Baby Tooth


Pulling out teeth has always been a big concern for parents as they fear that it might hurt their child. There is also a worry amongst parents that kids might swallow their teeth while eating something. Thus, in order to make this process less painful for kids here are some great tips to pull out tooth that is ready to come out:
  • 1.Encourage your child to use their tongue against the loose teeth or rocking the teeth back and forth with their finger.
  • 2.Using of gauze or a clean tissue to wiggle the tooth back and forth to determine if it’s ready to come out.
  • 3.Applying of oral analgesic on the region surrounding the tooth will numb the area and you can then easily pull out the loose tooth.
  • 4.Avoid forcing the teeth to come out as it can lead to profuse bleeding an infection.
  • 5.Try waiting for the teeth to fall on its own. If the loose teeth is not hurting or distracting your child then waiting can be a better option.
Thus, these tips can be really useful for your child to handle the inconvenience of painlessly pulling out a loose tooth.
Article by
Des Moines Dentist