Less Painful Fillers


If you have undergone filler injections and disliked the pain, and who doesn't aside from a few masochists, the FDA's recent clearance of Allergan and Medicis's new products should come as welcome news.

Both companies have released their long waited lidocaine pre-filled syringes, Juvederm XC and Restylane-L and Perlane-L. These products are now available in most dermatology and plastic surgery offices.

Prior to this pain relief was accomplished either by the physician inserting lidocaine into the waiting syringe, dental blocks, and/or topical creams. Prevelle, another hyaluronic filler, had lidocaine pre-mixed in its syringe. However, the hyaluronic content of this product is much less per cc than its competitors. It therefore lasted only 2-3 months.

Those of you who have had collagen fillers such as Zyderm or Cosmoderm will realize that the more that is injected, the less pain. As lidocaine is injected with each bit of filler, there is increased numbing for the subsequent filler.

Presently, the companies are not charging more for the less pain inducing syringes. Hopefully, the competition between the two companies will temper any future price increases.

Article by
Virginia Beach Dermatologist