Now Offering NeoGraft Hair Restoration—#1 Technology for You!


The NeoGraft hair restoration procedure is state-of-the-art revolutionary technology that allows for patients to have excellent outcomes with high patient satisfaction. Hair loss has always been a difficult and challenging topic for both men and women to discuss. For many patients it has an impact on self-esteem. We are not alone though! Currently in the US 50 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss. By age 60 many of these patients will have significant and noticeable hair loss. With the aging baby boomer population hair restoration procedures are increasing rapidly.

In the past the strip method was primarily utilized for hair restoration. A large ‘strip’ of tissue is removed from the back of the scalp. After the follicles are extracted hair is transplanted to the top of the head or other locations. This led to significant scarring in the back of the scalp, and the possibility for pain and discomfort. Patients found that only about 50% to 60% of the hair that is transplanted actually grows into normal hair.
How is NeoGraft different? NeoGraft is the least invasive procedure of its kind—no scalpel incision, and no linear scar. NeoGraft utilizes vallecular unit extraction. The hair follicle is removed by negative pressure and transplanted into the recipient area. Areas include top or side of the head, even the eyebrows. Both men and women can achieve significant results with NeoGraft. Advantages with the NeoGraft method include no scarring, minimal down time, and minimal discomfort. About 90% of all hairs that are transplanted will grow into normal hairs.

NeoGraft is performed under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Guenthner with a team of highly skilled individuals. We also offer NeoLTS Light Therapy System both before and after the procedure to increase the results and satisfaction for the patient. NeoGraft offers great opportunities for both men and women to address the growing need from hair loss. 
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Plainfield Dermatologist