Nose Surgery Cost


Functional Nose Surgery is a procedure designed to correct an injury suffered to your nose that has caused an obstruction in your nasal passage way. The main purpose of functional surgery is to help restore your nasal breathing or repair the internal structures of your nose. Generally speaking, functional nose surgery is covered under insurance. When it is used to improve breathing function, insurance covers it. It all depends on your insurance provider and to what extent of a procedure you are undergoing. The reason a surgery like this is covered under insurance is because obstructions and injuries can affect your medical conditions. If not corrected, these types of deformities can lead to chronic sinus infections, poor quality of life, snoring, loss sense of smell, and/or trouble breathing. That is why insurance will typically cover the costs associated with functional nose surgery. There tend to be minimal out of pocket expenses if you are using in-network coverage. Functional nose surgery is generally covered by insurance because you are improving breathing.

On the other hand, cosmetic nose surgery is a procedure to change the size or shape of the nose. With this procedure, you have the ability to change many features of your nose primarily concentrating on external alterations. This procedure is typically not covered under insurance because it does not entail any medical issues or breathing improvements. Insurance sees this procedure as elective. Out of pocket expenses can range from an average of $4,000-$10,000 depending on your location, surgeon, and their experience. The typical expenses associated with nose surgery are hospital facility costs, anesthesia fees, surgeon’s fees, medical tests and prescriptions for medication. The complexity of your procedure also will determine the cost of your cosmetic nose surgery. If there is various changes occurring compared to one change, it can become more expensive. In some cases, Cosmetic nose surgery is used to correct a previous nose surgery. Revision nose surgery tends to be more expensive as well because it requires more extensive work. You can consider cosmetic nose surgery a way to change your nose in any way at your discretion, compared to functional nose surgery that improves any existing medical condition or improvement of breathing. Cosmetic nose surgery is generally paid for all out of pocket since you are only changing the physical appearance of your nose.

In some cases, functional and cosmetic surgery can be combined and covered under insurance. An example of both surgeries being covered under one procedure is when the physical appearance, like a bump on your nose or a deviated septum caused an obstruction in your nasal passageway. This can require an alteration of the appearance in order to repair the obstruction in your passageway. There are many scenarios in which your doctor may require a combination of both surgeries. If your breathing needs improvement or repair, the surgery can be combined with cosmetic and be covered under insurance. Occasionally, revision nose surgeries are covered by insurance. It will ultimately depend on the doctor and how your insurance provider views the procedure. The best way to find out if your insurance provider will cover the cost of your nose surgery is to have a consultation with a doctor. Your doctor will be the one to determine whether or not you require functional nose surgery and if cosmetic nose surgery can be combined with the procedure.
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