NeoGraft: Greg Tested, Wife Approved


Sports-talk mainstay Greg Rakestraw is now 5 months post-NeoGraft procedure, and both Greg and his wife are loving his NeoGraft results. If you missed Greg's previous blogs for The Dermatology Center of Indiana, Greg is on the journey to love his hair through his NeoGraft procedure with Dr. Guenthner. He's sharing his experience so that others may learn the patient-perspective through him. NeoGraft is the least invasive procedure of its kind---no scalpel incision, no linear scar, minimal down time, and minimal discomfort. Here's Greg's latest blog, incorporating his wife's perspective:

Over the last couple of months, I’ve tried to blend in some new voices and perspective on the radio ads you hear on The Fan. Figured it was time the person that sees the most of my hair had her voice heard. That would be my wife, Amy.

There’s a reminder of how much hair I used to have on my head from our engagement photo that’s prominently featured in our household. Somehow between 1999 and earlier this year, most of that had went away. And in listening to my wife opine about the gleam coming from the top of my head, it reinforced something that had become apparent to me when looking at the ‘before’ photos that you can find here on the website.

I knew my hairline was receding for a long time. Frankly, a lot of it was completely gone. There were just a few stragglers hanging on at the top of my head. I share this for one reason…don’t wait as long as I did. If you’re starting to see more and more of your scalp atop your head, do something about it. Frankly, it’ll save you money if you do something sooner rather than later. And you won’t have to hear your wife on radio talking about how your hair loss was more glaring on TV when the camera was shooting behind you. OK, maybe you don’t have to worry about that in your job, but you get my point. Don’t wait. Call today.

Follow Greg's NeoGraft journey with future blogs and photos at the Dermatology Center of Indiana. You can also listen to Greg Rakestraw on 1070/107.5 THE FAN. NeoGraft offers great opportunities for both men and women to address the growing need from hair loss. Call us at The Dermatology Center of Indiana to find out more about our NeoGraft services, (317) 268-2607. We look forward to taking care of you and answering any questions you may have regarding NeoGraft. ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on Promotions, Events, and Giveaways. Find us on Twitter @dermindy. #lovemyhair, #derm_indy. Thank you!
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