What is a Natural Facelift?

In 2012, according to the AAFPRS, the highest increase in requests for facial surgical procedures was for facelifts.  Instead of trying to perform and popularize a quick mini-facelift procedure that can make patients look pulled but only last for 2-3 years, Dr. Mike Majmundar, founder and director of Northside Facial Cosmetic Surgery, crafted a technique that creates a smooth natural facial contour that can last 7-10 years and help patients look younger and well-rested without looking ‘artificial’.

When is a good time to have a Natural Facelift?  Who is a candidate?

Although successful facelift surgery has been performed in women in their late 30’s to their late 80’s, there is no perfect time to have a facelift.  If you look in the mirror and the sagging of your cheeks (jowling) and your neck is bothersome, then it’s a good time to consider a facelift.  As with most things, the earlier you address these changes the better and more natural your results will be.  Anyone looking to have a natural youthful facelift result and wants greater than average longevity is a candidate for a Natural Facelift.

How is the Natural Facelift performed and how is it different from other Facelifts?

The Natural Facelift is a combination of tightening of the facial and neck muscles layers along with neck liposuction (to remove a “double chin”), and the addition of volume, without relying on pulling the skin to create the lift.   This avoids an overpulled appearance providing a well-rested AND natural contour.  Because deeper layers of tissue are tightened and used as a foundation for the lift in comparison to other lifts where the skin can be the primary method of tightening along with minor tightening of underlying muscle layers, the Natural facelift lasts longer, looks more natural, avoids a wind-blown appearance, and finishes with a smoother younger-looking contour.

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Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon