Natural Breast Augmentation Without Breast Implants


Do you often wonder why some thin women have large, perky breasts? Do they have implants, a good bra, or are they just naturally gifted? A problem with implants is that they are man-made devices that may not last forever. A long term issue is that breast implant revisions may be required in the future to replace ruptured implants, sagging, malposition, capsular contracture, or other complications. Padded bras are a simple option which provides a temporary perception of enhanced breast size. There is an alternative to breast augmentation without the use of implants which will give women a more subtle increase in breast size.

Fat Grafting or Autologous Fat Transfer

If you don’t want the long term worry about breast implants, but you still want larger breasts, an increase in size can be accomplished using your own fat. Supposing you possess extra fat to donate from areas that would benefit from liposuction, fat can be harvested with liposuction and transferred to the breasts. There are three obvious advantages to this process. 1) You achieve larger, natural feeling breasts without the need for an implant. 2) There are no large scars on the breasts. 3) Areas of fat on your arms, back, abdomen, or thighs that are resistant to exercise and dieting, are sculpted and reduced in size.
There are disadvantages, too. The size increase is limited to the availability of the donor fat. The amount of fat that survives the transfer procedure is generally about 60-80% with permanence after about 4-6 months. Surgery takes longer than a standard breast augmentation with implants, because the liposuction portion of the procedure adds extra time. There are limitations to the size increase using fat, as well. Don’t expect to increase your cup size from an A to a D after one surgery. If this type of an increase is your goal, the natural breast augmentation can be accomplished by staging your surgeries or by pre-expanding your breasts prior to surgery using the BRAVA external expander device.
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