Myth-Buster: “I can’t breast feed with silicone implants”


Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe's answer:

While there is no real way of knowing if placing breast implants affects a mother’s ability to breast feed (ie: it’s hard to know if the individual would have been able to breast feed without the implants) we do know that breast ducts are not disrupted if the implants are placed under the muscle (pectoralis major). This is the most common way implants are placed currently – because this location lends itself to more natural looking results and a decreased risk of capsular contracture (bad scar tissue formed around the implants).


Having silicone implants (or saline, for that matter) and breast feeding does not negatively affect you or the new baby. In fact, studies on the older generation implants (where the silicone was thinner and would “bleed” out into the body’s tissues) show that the amount of silicone found in breast milk of mothers with silicone implants was less than is found in all major brands of formula!


So, for those of you thinking about breast augmentation but not knowing when you may want to start a family – rest assured that your decision to have a well proportioned body and love what you look like in dresses and bathing-suits… is not harmful to you or your future children!

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