The Myth That Buccal Fat Removal Can Make You Look Older


A lot of patients that have “chubby cheeks” (big lower anterior cheeks, fat cheeks, etc.) are hesitant to undergo buccal fat removal plastic surgery because the widespread “believe” that this type of cosmetic plastic surgery is going to make them “look older” (now and later). I am writing this blog to clarify that this “myth’ is not true and that buccal fat removal will not make you look older if you address the chubby face accordingly. For doing that I will be showing clinical examples that clearly demonstrate this statement. 

“I have chubby cheeks, but I have heard buccal fat removal could make you look older”

Why buccal fat removal could make the face look older? 

Very simple: because it may cause sagginess of the lower facial skin IF you don’t have good cheek bone structure! That’s they key point. The problem is not the buccal fat removal surgery. The problem is that people with chubby cheeks tend to have poor cheek bone definition, and therefore when the buccal fat removal is performed  (alone), they may end up looking older now and of course down the road. 

Good cheekbones always make people look younger and more attractive. Even in people with no chubby cheeks, the ones with good cheekbone prominence (like most of the female and male models) they look more attractive and more chiseled than similar mates (with no chubby cheeks) that have no good cheek bone projection.  

Therefore, chubby cheek correction surgery (buccal fat removal) would be very often accompanied with analysis of the cheekbone structure and very often with cheekbone enhancement with either soft tissue fillers (like Juvederm Voluma™) or cheek implants. 

Buccal fat removal plastic surgery is performed at my office under local anesthesia without any oral or IV sedation, nor general anesthesia. For cheek enhancement I highly recommend the use of Juvederm Voluma since it is a soft tissue filler that last approximately 2 years and has the advantage that can be dissolved with a second injection shall it be necessary. If the patient chooses cheek implants I recommend Medpor™ implants rather than silicone implants due to a significant number of advantages. 

In conclusion, buccal fat removal plastic surgery will not make the face look older if the any cheekbone deficiency is corrected at the same time with either soft tissue fillers or cheek implants.

John Mesa, MD

Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon
Specialist on buccal fat removal under local anesthesia

Article by
New York Plastic Surgeon