Medical Tourism: Should I have my Facelift Overseas?


I would like to provide more insight on a topic that has grown in popularity over the last 10 years or so.  I have seen on this website and in my own practice, a number of questions about having a Facelift overseas. I would encourage everyone to write down the perceived positive positives and negatives about medical tourism as it relates to them.  Consider the pros and cons, then make a decision. 
The positives and negatives of going to a place like Costa Rica for a facelift would include:
  1. Cost: Pro-The initial cost is undoubtedly less expensive in CR of Mexico. Con- If you are unhappy with your result, have a serious complication, or need to have a revision, you will be starting at financial ground zero or worse.  I have seen 3 very unhappy patients who had their initial facelift in Costa Rica in the last year, all seeking revisions.
  2.  Vacation setting: Pro- You will be in a beautiful surrounding for your operation and recovery. Con- Recovery from a facelift isn't exactly a vacation.  You won't be going to the beach, zip lining, or going deep sea fishing.  This is a definite false positive. 
  3. Postoperative care: Pro- You will be pampered and receive excellent 24 hour around the clock attention. Con- Not so fast.  I have patients whose biggest complaint was the inexperience of their nursing staff. Most reputable Facial Plastic Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons in this country pride themselves on the expertise of their staff. 
  4. Surgeon Quality: Pro- Many Surgeons in CR or Mexico are United States trained, and there are some very good ones. Con- The competitive nature of the United States and word of mouth demands a very high level of quality to succeed; it has the capacity to make a good Surgeon very good and a very good Surgeon great.  Word of mouth makes or breaks a Surgeon and this factor is far less in play for Surgeons overseas.
Every patient is different and consideration must be given to all of these factors when choosing a Facelift Surgeon.  Good luck in your search.
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Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon