The LP System – Permanent Hair Removal


The only permanent hair removal treatment in the world — The LP System.
Have you attempted laser hair removal or electrolysis to rid unwanted hair?Many people choose hair removal treatments; there are thousands of laser hair removal clinics and aesthetic practices in the country. 

The LP System is the only truly permanent hair removal system in the world. It works flawlessly on every type of hair color and skin color, including gray and vellus (peach fuzz) hair. Any area of the face or body can be treated with the LP system. The LP System is completely safe, comfortable, and will remove every hair in the area you want treated.

The LP System is a treatment that has been available for 50 years with a flawless record of successful treatments to over 100,000 clients.

How does the LP System work?The LP System removes only one hair at a time; the energy destroys ONLY the root of these actively growing hairs so they will never grow back. This means you experience immediate and permanent results.
Does it hurt?The LP System treatment method is painless and cannot damage your skin.
What areas can be treated with the LP System?The LP System is used to treat hair anywhere on the face or body for men and women. An extraordinary treatment for delicate areas, the LP System is popular for treating:

  • Facial hair: cheeks, upper lip, ear, eyebrows, between brows, bridge of nose, beard, and neck hair
  • Bikini, Brazilian bikini
  • Breasts
  • Underarms
  • Pseudofolliculitis barbae
  • Erratic hair growth in scars
  • Hair growth in moles

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