Living With Rosacea


I think of my rosacea patients as “hot house flowers.”
They have to be kept at the perfect temperature, have the right soil or food, be watered, and refreshed regularly, but never with fertilizers or chemicals that are too harsh or abrasive. Only the perfect combination will do.  Their environment needs a little moisture, just enough to replenish the skin, but never enough to make them get red, wilt, or sweat.

Occasionally their dead blooms and leaves must be “deadheaded,” snipped, lasered or treated to look their best.  When everything is in equilibrium, rosacea patients can have gorgeous, healthy complexions. But if a blast of hot air or cold air or a stressful situation enters their greenhouse world, their faces immediately show it.
Unfortunately, the world most of us live in is not the perfect greenhouse environment. Life comes at you fast and furious.

As a rosacea patient myself, I make choices every day that could make my rosacea flare. But there are certain things I am not going to give up.
I’m still going to exercise until my face is beet red, and I know my chosen forms of exercise - running, biking, and hot yoga - are not ideal.  I realize swimming or regular yoga would be better for my complexion. I know a glass of red wine and cheese at a dinner party will give me a bit of extra rosy glow, but every once in a while . . .

I choose to use my medications and “deadhead” or laser those capillaries every few years.  It’s all about the choices you as a patient make and what makes sense with your lifestyle.
I am happy to educate each patient on their individual triggers and let them make their own choices. I’m glad to be here when patients fall off the horse and pick them up with a few laser treatments and medications to get them back on track.

Article by
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon