Lip augmentation is a procedure that encompasses all age groups and both genders (that’s right, men too!).  In our practice, younger patients typically opt for in-office injectables such as Juvederm and patients 45+ typically opt for the lip implants.  Fat injections into the lips are also popular and span all age ranges though there is a slight preponderance in patients age 50+.  There are other options that are less popular such as lip lifts which we will not touch on in this blog post.

Juvederm is the most popular option for lip augmentation for 2 reasons: cost and temporary length.  Many women who have lip augmentation for the first time are afraid of how their lips will look in the long term and prefer the shorter duration so not to look like a ‘duck’ or many other poorly augmented women on TV and magazines.  It’s usually after they become accustomed to this augmentation and have found a plastic surgeon they trust and is consistent will they usually allow their augmentation performed with permanent implant. We use a perma lip implant that feels natural and looks natural. It’s made up of a silastic material that provides a naturally smooth feel; a material that has been used as an implant material for decades and is tried and true. Unlike breast implants, silastic implants do not leak or cause any harm over the long run. The advantage to permanent implants is the lack of maintenance once placed. The disadvantage is the innate fear in many individuals to have a permanent fix. In our practice, both are very popular. If we are augmenting the face during a facelift with fat then we will also augment the lips with fat to provide a 2-3 year improvement. We specialize in a natural procedures which is our niche and lip augmentation is no exception. Lips performed by Dr. Majmundar are age-appropriate, natural, and well -defined without appearing large or unbalanced.

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