What Are the Licensing Requirements for Injectables in Arizona?


These days, there are tons of different MedSpas all offering injectables.

You might be wondering if they are just a qualified as a surgeon.

The reality is that they aren’t.

Just because someone has met the minimum requirements to be licensed doesn’t mean that you should trust that person with your most important asset: your face. 

  • In the state of Arizona, licensing requirements for injectables are quite loose. 
  • Any medical professional (physician, nurse, nurse practitioner, medical assistants) can perform injectable treatments, such as Botox or dermal fillers, following a certification course. 
  • In some cases, these training courses may only be a day or two, which really isn’t sufficient time for trainees to get a full grasp of all of the details and nuances of effective, high-quality treatment. 

What should you look for in someone administering your injectables?

It is advantageous to seek out a board-certified surgeon with specific expertise in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments. You will want to choose a surgeon who engages in cosmetic surgery and treatments actively and frequently. It should be a substantial part of his or her practice — not just an “on the side” thing.

As a rule of thumb, you will want to look for high-volume providers. Before you commit to a provider, ask to see examples of before and after photos of previous clients. Skilled, reputable providers almost always have photographic examples of their work on hand.

The bottom line is that when it comes to injectables, experience counts the most.

A board-certified surgeon with expertise in cosmetic surgery will have much more experience dealing with cosmetic treatments than other providers.

Surgeons also have a very thorough understanding of facial anatomy, including fine muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. An injection placed in the correct spot will correct wrinkles, but if placement is just a quarter of an inch off, the treatment could cause unwanted eyebrow drooping.

It takes a skilled medical professional to discern appropriate injection placement.

Remember, the effectiveness of your treatment depends on the ability of your provider to visualize your desired results and administer treatment accordingly. This takes training, skill, nuanced anatomical knowledge, and ***excellent aesthetic judgment.*** 

Article by
Gilbert General Surgeon