Greedy trial lawyers may doom Accutane acne medication


One of our worries in the dermatologic community is the sleezeballs (read trial lawyers) may doom this medication. Roche has stopped producing it so technically we can only prescribe a generic. This did not make a whole lot of difference in the short term. However, Roche was facing a massive number of lawsuits and I fear these may be transferred to smaller pockets like physicians and the generic drug companies.

Trial lawyers can be compared to the locusts that periodically sweep across Africa. At first they will devour the rich full trees, but when they are done there they do not stop. They move onto the smaller trees and after the scrawny trees until everything is picked clean.

For twenty something years they formed committees and advisory groups trying to sue Roche and sometimes physicians over the birth defect issue. Imagine the millions these greedsters of the 20th century could enrich themselves considering lifetime custodial care. But nearly universally, plaintiffs lost: Roche could show the woman knew she should not take drug if there was a chance of pregnancy. Imagine their disappointment: the lost Gulfstream jets, and fourth and fifth luxury homes. Pity life was turning out this way for them.

Now the gates to riches have been swung open with inflammatory bowel disease, and depression plus a myriad of rare side effects. Millions of potential plaintiffs can be reached with the touch of the mouse.

I fear that the trial lawyers will suck the generics dry until they throw in the towel and chose to market safer drugs without the legal woes.

Will Accutane go away? No, it will be made in other countries. Patients will have far less supervision. More patients will be hurt as blood work is not done, examinations not performed.

But at least the trial lawyers will be able to say that they saved the public from another scourge wreaked upon the public by the greedy drug companies and their callous physician lackeys.

Article by
Virginia Beach Dermatologist