The latest trends in modern hair transplants and hair loss treatments At Meshkin Medical hair restoration centers


 Hair transplantation has become very popular procedure for the past few years among both women and men. Hair transplantation is a very safe, relatively minor surgical procedure. New methods of surgical hair restoration can benefit those with hair loss, and reshape the lost hair with their own natural, growing hair. Hair restoration can be done so naturally that often hair stylist or barber are unable to distinguish the grafts from native hair. However before deciding on hair transplant, it is important to find out about the latest developments in hair restoration techniques and best medical products available.

Once you are evaluated by a specialist, It is critical to know the facts about the cause of your hair loss, the current hair replacement surgery options and the technique used for both the recipient and the harvesting areas. New methods of surgical hair restoration can replace the lost hair in the forehead and reshape the hairline with your own natural, growing hair requiring no more care than the ordinary washing, styling, and trimming. The best hair line recreated by hair transplantation is one that is natural and blends with other facial features. However the natural look mostly depends on the artistry and experience of the hair transplant doctor.

Since hair loss tends to be both gradual and progressive, it is often wise to combine a surgical and medical treatment regiment routine to get the most optimal result. Medical hair loss treatment products such as finasteride and minoxidil are usually recommended to help preserve thinning hair. Hair transplants can be used to fill in the frontal hairline and thicken the mid scalp and the crown areas while medical hair loss treatments can be used to maintain the native hair and possibly enhance the long term results of hair restoration surgery to give the most natural and best hair restoration result.

Another popular option to hair loss products that has gained popularity specially among women suffering from hair loss is PRP and Acell. PRP or the Plasma Rich Platelet injections is considered a nonsurgical hair loss treatment option that is used either in combination with hair transplant, or Acell injection in some cases.
PRP is a concentration derived from clients' own blood. It has growth factors that stimulate hair growth when injected into the scalp. Once in the scalp, PRP growth factors begin to degrade quickly so any benefit to thinning hair will be short lived and usually minimal. Therefore, this requires continuous treatments of the PRP injections . As a rule at Meshkin Medical hair restoration and hair transplant centers, PRP and Acell injections are recommended to be repeated 2-3 times a year to maintain any benefit. Dr. Meshkin recommends that for increased benefit PRP be combined with ACell injections.

These non surgical hair loss treatment options combined with the latest modern hair transplant surgery such as FUE hair transplant, FUT trichophytic hair transplant and Ultra Refined hair restoration techniques result in the best comprehensive hair restoration treatment options that both replace the lost hair and slow down the hair loss in the native hair.

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