Lateral Slit


One of the determinant stages of the hair transplant surgery is the incision stage. This is the second stage of the surgery, and it usually takes from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the graft number. Using the Lateral Slit Technique, every incision is coronal and the angle between the knife and the skin is minimal. 

The Lateral Slit Technique with coronal incisions does not allow for any changes in the direction of the implanted hair by a placing nurse or through edema. Hair grows according to the surgical plan leading to the success of the hair transplant surgery.

Because of the small angle between the skin and blade, this technique prevents harm to the deep skin layers and to circulation.

The small angle, implemented through this technique, allows for incisions to be made alongside the normal hair, thus avoiding harm to the normal hair follicles. Of course, a special anti-reflective loop helps with the accuracy of this procedure.

With the lateral slit technique, the angle of the incisions can be arranged in directional alignment with every single hair, mimicking the patient’s natural hair direction. This provides a natural look that is supported by an original single hair follicle implant especially in the frontline and temple peak zones. This technique is also effective in the vertex area allowing implantation in a natural direction and limiting movement, thereby guaranteeing perfect results.

One of the main points is that every graft holds a natural direction for implantation. It is for this reason that during implantation, care is given to implant the follicle in the same direction as was in the donor site position.

Article by
Istanbul Hair Restoration Surgeon