Lasers-- SUPERHEROES of Dentistry!


Lasers—SUPERHEROES of Dentistry!

Did you know that lasers are an advanced tool available in dentistry?  Now, this isn't about lightsabers, of course (although could you imagine your dentist and hygienist having a friendly match?).  Dental lasers provide therapy for patients to improve their oral health without pain.  Still wondering how this works?  Read on…

Even with the most diligent home dental care you can still develop periodontal disease, the infection of the gums that gradually destroys the supporting structures of your teeth. Treating periodontal disease with laser technology is the very best that modern dentistry has to offer.  The dental laser has been shown to eliminate periodontal infection, stimulate repair of the damaged gum and bone, and promote profound healing overall.  Treating periodontal infection in this way has been shown to lower the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, low birth-weight babies, and possibly even Alzheimer’s.  Even more, laser periodontal therapy doesn’t carry the same drawbacks of older therapies—it’s comfortable, doesn’t cause gum recession, and doesn’t involve drugs or harsh chemicals.   Laser therapy treats affected areas utilizing non-ionizing radiation, which does not affect DNA. 

Besides treating periodontal disease, laser therapy can also alleviate the discomfort caused by mouth sores—again, without pain for the patient!

With lasers as such an invaluable superhero of dentistry...perhaps they would even help to “save the day” for you! 


Article by
Columbia Dentist