Laser Hair Removal: Busted Myths – part two


Here are some other myths about laser hair removal you should consider debunking:

• Myth 1. Laser hair removal hurts
Of course, we can’t say it’s painless. The level of pain depends on the individual pain tolerance. Some have described the sensation of laser hair removal to a slight sting on the skin. Others say it feels like a pinch on the skin. But just compare the little stings felt during a laser hair removal session with the huge pain induced by wax or mechanical depilation. There, now you have your own answer.

• Myth 2. Laser hair removal causes scars
Scars only appear when a needle touches your skin. The laser hair removal it’s not about needles or any other kind of scarring tools. On the contrary, the laser beam smoothly slides on your skin, removing all that unwanted hair.

Myth 3. Laser hair removal is not for all type of skins

This is also an untrue myth. The fact is that the laser operates on melanin in hair bulb selectively. No melanin means no effect. So, if you’re asking whether if you can remove hair from dark skin persons, yes, laser hair removal works for dark skin tones too. Of course, by choosing an appropriate kind of laser and maybe a clinic in Chicago, a place best known for its professional laser hair removal clinics.

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Chicago Dermatologist