1 . Laser Hair Removal: Busted Myths – part one


Although laser hair removal is a common practice, there are many misconceptions that can guide you on the wrong path. Basically, there are several myths around laser hair removal, that distort representations about its possibilities. Let’s check some of the most important ones:
• Myth 1. Laser hair removal is harmful to health
Nothing more untrue! The truth is that the depth of laser penetration it reaches only to hair follicles and the laser beam is smoothly sliding on the skin surface without damaging it. The only thing that may occur is a certain redness, but it disappears soon after the procedure and it’s a sign that the laser hair removal procedure went well.
• Myth 2. Laser hair removal is very expensive
In order this myth to be busted, just think how much money you spend during one year on razors, creams and other hair removal tools. Then compare the result with the laser hair removal procedure – basically it consists of 6 or 8 sessions with intervals of 2 or 3 months. Now you judge the difference!
• Myth 3. After the laser hair removal, the hair will grow more stringent than before
This is also a totally untrue myth. On the contrary, hair is significantly reduced and by the third or fourth session you can already notice a persistent long-term effect.

Article by
Chicago Dermatologist