Juvederm Voluma Update in Atlanta


Juvederm Voluma has been on the Atlanta market for 7 months and has been hugely popular with every age group. The public has embraced the longevity of the product and return for more of this soft, natural looking volumizer. Made from a highly cross-linked version of hyaluronic acid, Juvederm Voluma was the first FDA approved filler for the midface and the first hyaluronic acid to last close to 24 months. Despite its popularity, we have learned a few limitations of the product.

Juvederm Voluma is a very soft product making it difficult to overcorrect and easy to massage at time of injection. It also has a high coefficient of lifting allowing nonsurgical midface and facelifts to be performed with confidence. Because of its very soft nature, the end result is also very natural appearing. Patients love that it is also completely reversible giving them peace of mind with the 2 year filler commitment. The limitations stem from some of its strengths. Because it is a very soft volumizer, a larger amount of product is needed to volumize the midface and to lift it. The average patient needs between 4-7 syringes for an ideal midface lift or facelift result though the procedure can be divided into 2, about 3 months apart for the full effect on the midface, and half the effect on your wallet.

In individuals who have significant volume loss, such as triathletes, marathon runners, hyper or overly active individuals, fat loss from medications, or genetically predisposed, Juvederm Voluma may not be the ideal filler because of cost concerns and using another hyaluronic acid such as Perlane, or a volumizer such as Sculptra or Radiesse, may give some longevity and prove to be more cost effective and still provide a natural youthful result.

In the end, the result and the look doesn’t occur because of the product, but rather because of the injector. Dr. Mike Majmundar uses over a thousand syringes of filler every year and carries every filler on the market. Each filler has its pluses and minuses. He also uses a blunt cannula during injection to reduce bruising and swelling by greater than 90%.

Mike Majmundar, MD
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Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon