2 Hours at the Speedway Sans Sunburn: Greg Rakestraw's NeoGraft Success


Sports-talk mainstay Greg Rakestraw is now 4 months post-NeoGraft procedure, and he is loving his NeoGraft results. If you missed Greg's previous blogs for The Dermatology Center of Indiana, Greg is on the journey to love his hair. He's sharing his experience so that others may learn the patient-perspective through him. Since Greg spends much of his time in the public eye NeoGraft is the perfect fit for him. NeoGraft is the least invasive procedure of its kind---no scalpel incision, no linear scar, minimal down time, and minimal discomfort. Here's Greg's latest blog about spending a few hours in the sun at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. His post-NeoGraft experience was very different than his pre-NeoGraft experience at the Speedway.

Greg's 4 Months Post-Procedure Blog:

Sometimes in life, you take chances to learn something. I did that at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this past weekend. It was the opening day of activities for the month of May, and I was about to spend the first of three days basically living in the pits for IndyCar Radio. Time for a litmus test as to just how much hair had developed after my NeoGraft procedure on what used to be the barren landscape known as the top of my head.

So for the first two hours I was walking up and down pit lane, I went without a hat. I’ve had smarter moments before. A little something to cover my face would’ve been good, although I now have my summer base tan way ahead of schedule for my handsome mug. But as far as pain or horror story about frying the top of my dome…that didn’t happen. Now, skin cancer is nothing to joke about. If you’re going to be in the sun for a lengthy period of time, use sunscreen. And, I wore a hat the rest of the hours and miles I spent going up and down pit lane the next 3 days.

But the test was worth the results. I couldn’t have dreamed in the past about being in the sun for two hours with then needing a fan, a bucket of ice, and plenty of lotion applied to my scalp thereafter and in that order. Only thing that was sore the next day was my feet. I need to up my daily mileage. However, the hair looked marvelous. And it covers a lot more ground than it used to, thanks to NeoGraft.

NeoGraft offers great opportunities for both men and women to address the growing need from hair loss. 
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