Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss: What You Need to Know


There are many people who believe in natural homeopathic and herbal treatments for hair loss. Although the results are not proven scientifically, they've become very popular among young people who are starting to lose their hair. While these treamtents are somewhat controversial, these remedies are harmless mixtures of plant extracts, minerals, and other natural substances.

These remedies for hair loss are intended to stimulate healing reaction and build up the immune system. While they contain natural ingredients, they should still be used under a physicians's supervision to make sure those who use them do not have any type of allergic reaction to those ingredients.

There are many remedies on the market that have been used over the years to slow down or reduce hair loss. One of these remedies is black currant oil, which is a natural source of fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid (GLA). This product promotes the healthy growth of hair. The oil can also be added to one's diet — 500mg twice a day for three to four months to see initial changes, then it can gradually be reduced to 250mg twice a day as a daily supplement. Other herbal treatments such as acidum nit, arnica, and sepia come in liquid form and can be consumed with water. Saw palmetto or berry extract can come in capsule forms, and can be taken twice daily as "Natural DHT blocker." 

Some herbal shampoos such as rosemary shampoo can be used several times a week. Herbal rubs such as almond oil and rosemary oil can also be massaged into the scalp after shampooing. They are supposed to have antioxidant effect and promote scalp circulation, thereby reducing hair loss.

Many of these products can help with the texture of the hair, but it's important to note that any effect on slowing down hair loss or regaining hair is still questionable. The best treatment for regaining lost hair is hair transplant surgery, and the best medical treatment options with proven results are Propecia and Minoxidil. These natural remedies can be used in conjunction with hair transplant and a medical hair loss regiment for an overall comprehensive treatment option.


Dr. Mike Meshkin, a hair transplant specialist based in Los Angeles and Orange County, advises his clients to start hair loss prevention when they notice thinning at the initial stages. It's important to keep hair healthy by using the right hair care products. If hair loss is genetic, then hair transplant can be an option to restore the hair that is lost, and medical treatment is used to prevent hair loss in the future.

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