Hair Transplantation, and FUE?


About half of men, and one third of women lose significant hair throughout their lives.  The effect on self esteem can be devastating.  Many people avoid hair transplants due to the "plug" or "corn row" look and long scars from the old fashioned, techniques in which a strip of scalp was removed from the back of the head.

FUE means follicular unit extraction.  It really means that hair follicles are removed and transplanted one at a time for the most natural result possible.

The procedure is time consuming, but well worth the natural result without the strip scar.

I have been fortunate to be one of the first to use the new AccuGraft systems to achieve this natural results.  The included video explains the process.  he equipment is only as good as the hands they are in, and I believe (and I think you will agree)  that there are no finer or more experienced FUE techs than the ones who assist me with AccuGraft procedures.

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Dallas Plastic Surgeon