Why does hair transplantation flourish nowadays?


The modern Advanced FUE technique promises to offer you more dense hair and reverse the progress of hair loss.

If there is a method promising antiaging, self confidence and the most natural result which flourishes amid the economic crisis, this is certainly hair transplantation. During 2010-2012 the number of procedures increased in Europe by more than 30%. Of course, this was not accidental at all. Our hair makes us look younger and the new technique making them more dense fights hair loss, is minimally invasive and leaves no scars behind. Opposite older techniques during which the doctor should receive hair follicles from a strip, which was removed from the skin, Advanced FUE hair transplantation technique does not leave any scars. We receive one by one, under local anaesthesia, hair follicles from a rich donor area. The donor area is usually at the back of the head.

The doctor uses an automatic machine in order to extract the grafts carefully. In the second step we implant the grafts one by one to the recipient area, under local anaesthesia. The hair restoration is performed minimally invasively thanks to a small diameter punch harvesting them without leaving any visible mark. At Advanced Hair Clinics the Advanced FUE or One Step Implantation technique that we have developed allows us to implant grafts in the right angle, depth and direction without having previously injured the skin.

The success rates with the hair transplantation technique Advanced FUE reach 95-98%. The final result is visible within one year, so if the first months your hair falls you should not worry. The hair follicle will gradually start growing back normally after the 7th weeks from the session.

Hair transplantation called Advanced FUE is also performed on the chin, the temples, the moustache. If someone suffers from hair loss on the head but not on the beard, we could get hair follicles from there too to implant to the head. The last years eyebrow transplantation is becoming very popular in women. Natural dense eyebrows is the new trend and the women don’t feel uncomfortable to ask for hair density on the eyebrows either because there is hairloss due to family history or because of some scarring.
The hair restoration procedure is totally safe and is performed in the clinic. What matters most for the success of the procedure is that the patient follows our instructions, for example during the first days after the hair transplantation he/she should spray the area with saline. On the other hand it may be necessary to use minoxidile lotion for a long time afterwards as research shows that this substance boosts the hair growth and prevents hairloss. In this way we will achieve maximum results.
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