Hair Transplant in Unregulated Countries


Hair Transplant in unregulated countries
There are some people that are willing to travel to unregulated countries to have hair transplant or other cosmetic surgical procedures for the cost. Unfortunetly due to unregulatory environment and low cost you are fortunate to get good result. Many of these clinics use assistants who have no medical back ground to do the whole procedure. You are lucky to get the doctor to even show up for the initial design. The pictures in internet are the lucky ones with good result, but there are a hundred bad result for every one good result that you don't hear about, but come to our office for correction.

The donor hair in the back of the head is limited and There many detailed factors that are involved in hair transplantation. If any one of those details is not done correctly, then the implanted hair will not grow and your donor hair is wasted.

If your decision is just based on the cost and the risk factors do not matter to you then it is a good choice to visit unregulated countries. However, there are hair transplant specialist in United States that do quality work with very reasonable price. Instead of doing research for clinics over seas, do research and find a quality clinic in the states that would meet your expectations and have reasonable cost that is close to your budget. Remember If the cost is the only factor, whatever you pay for a bad transplant is way too much.
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