What is the best hair transplant technique?


Hair restoration is going through very important evolution for improving both the naturalness and fullness that can be achieved from only one to two surgical procedures. Today’s new advanced Ultra Refined Follicular Unit hair transplant allows thousands of hair follicles to be placed in one to two sessions with the lateral Microslit grafting technique. This technique requires high-powered microscopes to divide the donor strip into its natural follicular unit. The microscopes are used to dissect and remove excess tissue attached to the hair follicles, therefore eliminating the skin gaps or dead space. Also by using very unique, small and customized needles for each individual client, a hair transplant specialist is able to make the recipient sites in very close proximity to each other in its natural orientation. This unique technique requires more skill and attention to be performed properly. These very small and minimally invasive incisions enable the surgeon to dense pack the frontal hairline and the crown area, and give the utmost cosmetic results.
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Newport Beach Hair Restoration Surgeon