Does Having a Hair Transplant Increase Self Worth?


Hair loss and thinning hair not only changes your physical appearance. It can also change the way you think and feel about yourself. People may view hair in different ways. According to Everyday Health, women often view their hair as a source of beauty and sensuality. For men, hair can represent virility as well as attractiveness.

A study published in the journal “Current Medical Research and Opinion” interviewed more than 1,500 men concerning how they feel about hair loss. The researchers found that 70 percent of men reported hair as an important feature of their image. Men associated their hair loss with fears not only of changing appearance, but also with getting older. Of those men interviewed who were taking steps to treat their hair loss an estimated 43 to 59 percent reported they experienced positive changes in self-esteem and feelings of personal attractiveness.

While not all people who experience hair loss have these feelings, those that do can decide how to take action. Many people turn to our hair loss restoration program at The Dermatology Center of Indiana.

What Are the Benefits to Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant with our NeoGraft transplant system can help you see the person in the mirror that you better remember yourself as. You may start to feel more “yourself” again and enjoy styling and coloring your hair as you did before you experienced your hair loss.

While hair transplant can do many things for you, it’s important to remember that self-confidence and self-worth come from many sources. Although your physical appearance is a part of this consideration, it is not the only factor that influences how you feel about yourself.

Sometimes, NeoGraft hair transplants increase feelings of self-worth because a person feels good about doing something for themselves. Investing in their appearance and doing something that is just for themselves and no one else can be an empowering step toward enhanced self-confidence.

A NeoGraft hair transplant will change your appearance. If your hair loss has caused you anxiety and/or sadness, with time the re-growth of your hair may help you to feel better. However, it shouldn’t be considered a cure-all for a long history of self-confidence issues.

How Does NeoGraft Work?

The NeoGraft system differs from other available options on the market because it uses an automated device to transplant hair follicles to areas of hair loss. The results are shorter recovery times, faster results because many hair follicles can be implanted at one time, and shorter recovery times following implantation. Instead of large incisions, the incisions to place the new hair follicles are very small, which results in less discomfort during and after the procedure.

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