Gummy Bear Implants Hit Austin, Texas


Sientra a long term maker of breast implants around the world is now offering textured breast implants with the highly cohesive gel often referred to as “gummy bear” in consistency. These implants have been used worldwide for many years and are now available in Austin, Texas.

The Sientra brand is only available to board certified plastic surgeons and is the US version of the Silamed implants which are produced in Brazil (long considered a close second to the US for the number of plastic surgeries performed, and perhaps first in the advancement of plastic surgery technologies), and were approved last year by the FDA for use in the United States.

At Synergy Plastic Surgery Dr. Mahlon Kerr has been using the implants for almost a year. “My first exposure to textured implants was in 2003 when they were initially offered on trial to select US plastic surgeons, the new Sientra implants are softer and have a thicker shells so they really offer the best of both worlds.” Textured highly cohesive implants have recently been shown to have a lower risk for common implant problems just as capsular contracture and implant malposition.

By only offering the implants to board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Kerr the Sientra Corporation is supporting the safe practice of breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Kerr describes, “in Austin and other Texas locations any doctor can offer breast augmentation regardless of their specialty and training so long as they perform the procedure in their office rather than a surgery center or hospital. This loophole in the law has led to multiple problems for unsuspecting patients who failed to understand the importance of actual training and board certification in plastic surgery.” Performing revisionary breast augmentation procedures is considered one of Dr. Kerr’s specialties and we often have patients travel from other states and have even had inquiries from as far as Costa Rica.

Gummy bear implants come in many shapes and sizes. While they are not appropriate for all breast augmentation patients, Dr. Kerr is happy to meet with you in person at either our Austin or Round Rock offices to discuss the technology and how it might help you achieve your goals.

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