Why does gravity always win?


This question is a little vague so I'll try to hit all the angles.

  • First, Gravity always wins because gravity is always in effect.

The process of aging has been discussed by many accomplished Plastic surgeons, mostly in regard to facial aging.
Two schools of thought have predominated:

  • The face ages because the skin sags/stretches because of... gravity, or rather, a loss of elasticity.
  • The face ages because the underlying fat/soft tissues "deflate"

Personally, I believe it is a combination of the two.
As the skin ages (all skin, not just facial) its elasticity diminishes. It doesn't snap back the way it used to.
As people age, they often lose weight in their faces (do a google search on older celebrities).
This loss of fat, with a decrease in elasticity, can cause a premature aging of the face, and neck.

Now, apply this to the rest of the body.

  • Breasts: lose volume after pregnancy and menopause, lose elasticity with age (particularly larger breasts, due to gravity!) and resultantly sag.
  • Abdomen: lose volume after massive weight loss, lose elasticity due to multiple pregnancies or massive weight loss, and resultantly sag.
  • Arms, Thighs, Butt...

What can be done?
For most of the body, if sagging is the problem, the only option is removal of sagging skin. The loss of elasticity of the skin cannot be restored.
Exeptions to this rule include: the breasts and the face.

  • for mild to moderate sagging, breast augmentation with silicone or saline implants may restore a more youthful fullness without having to remove skin.
  • for some areas in the face, fillers can restore some areas of sagging or deflation.
  • for the butt, sometimes fat injection or implants can be used to fill out an otherwise flattened posterior.  
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